Warranty Extension

The default warranty period is 3 years, which can be extended to a lifetime warranty.

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* The final interpretation and decision regarding warranty coverage and replacements rest with Glucoracy.

The default warranty period for the Glucoracy blood glucose monitoring device is three years.

Yes, you can extend the warranty to a lifetime period for our blood glucose monitoring device.

The warranty extension covers defects in materials and workmanship. However, please refer to our terms and conditions for specific warranty coverage details.

Yes, damages resulting from misuse, accidents, unauthorized repairs, or alterations are not covered under the warranty extension. For detailed coverage, please refer to our return and exchange policy.

Yes, there is a limit to the number of replacements covered under the lifetime warranty. Additionally, shipping fees may apply based on the circumstances. However, for loyal and honest customers, we may offer free product replacements without additional charges.

In case of quality issues, we provide a no-fault warranty replacement, and customers are not required to pay any fees. You will receive a brand-new product as a replacement.

If the damage is deemed to be caused by user error or mishandling, a base fee may be charged for repairs or replacements. The specific fee will depend on the circumstances.