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Glucoracy-Sicherheitslanzetten, 100 Stück

My Image Designed for Maximum Safety
✅ Ultra-Fine Point for Painless Injections

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There are many reasons to choose the Glucoracy. Besides the high-quality of our products, sometimes cheaper alternatives can lead to external issues. We offer you the following advantages:

👨‍⚕️ Developed in collaboration with diabetes experts
🇺🇸 A local brand based in the US & CN
📦 Returns and warehouse address within the US & CN
✅ All products come with an extended 12-month warranty

Our Glucoracy blood glucose monitor is more than just a product - it represents the close collaboration between our team and diabetes experts. With over 30 years of professional experience, their extensive knowledge is incorporated into the development of our blood glucose monitor.

We have absolute confidence in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty on all our products, extendable to a lifetime warranty for VIP users.

✅ 3-Year Warranty
✅ Free Shipping
✅ Free Returns
✅ Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers

If your product develops any defects within this period, simply send the item back to us. We will then inspect your return, and if it's covered by the warranty, we will send you a new product free of charge.


Druckaktivierte Sicherheitslanzetten von Glucoracy

Jede Lanzette wird im Voraus geladen und ist in sich geschlossen. Die einfache Bedienung erfordert nur einen festen Druck auf den Knopf, um schnell und einfach eine ausreichende und ausreichende Blutprobe auf einmal zu entnehmen. Die Nadel bleibt im Gerät verborgen, sodass sie gesichert ist und sicher entsorgt werden kann, ohne dass eine Nadel herausragt. Die Sicherheitslanzette vereinfacht den Prozess erheblich und spart viel Zeit bei der Probenentnahme. Sie ist der perfekte Begleiter für die Blutzuckermessung.

Warum uns wählen?

● 28G ultradünne Spitzen, weniger schmerzhaft

● Vorinstalliert, keine zusätzliche Stechhilfe erforderlich

● Durch Druck aktiviert, direkt und einfach anzuwenden

● Nadeln mit automatischem Rückzug verhindern Blutkreislaufinfektionen und bieten eine sichere Entsorgung


6 Simple Steps To Use

Wash your hands

Load lancing device

Insert strip into meter

Collect blood sample

Blood auto absorbs in

Check results in 5s


Product-Related Inquiries
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If your device indicates 'ketone', this is an alert that your blood glucose readings may be higher than the typical testing range. It's also a prompt to check for ketones. Please consult with a healthcare provider for personalized medical advice and to understand the implications of your readings. Remember, this device is for monitoring purposes only and not intended for diagnosis or treatment decisions.

  1. Keep the test strips somewhere cool and dry (39.2℉ to 86℉ / 4℃ to 30℃) and keep the relative humidity ≤80%.
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do NOT store the test strips in the fridge.
  3. Store the test strips in the original vial ONLY. Do NOT transfer them to a new vial or any other containers.
  4. Keep the surface of the test strip free from moisture or other dirt, such as touching the top absorbent hole or the contact bar of the test strip.
  5. Close the vial lid immediately after taking out the test strips. It is highly recommended to use the test strips within 3 minutes after removing them.
  6. Do NOT test the blood sugar during or soon after the xylose absorption test, or may get falsely elevated results.
  7. Please pay attention to the expiration date on the vial (about 3 months / 90 days shelf life after opening the vial lid).

To set up the monitor, there are two options:
1.Please refer to the detailed video tutorials available at for step-by-step instructions.
2.You can also find our user manuals and step-by-step guides at

Currently, our machine defaults to using FDA standards, displaying data in mg/dL. However, you can easily convert mmol/L to mg/dL using the formula: mg/dL = 18 × mmol/L. Alternatively, you can visit our webpage at more detailed information regarding measurement units.

Yes, a control solution can be purchased separately for the Glucoracy G-425-2. It's available at our online store; you can order it using this link: [Glucoracy Control Solution]. Additionally, our kit packages offer options that include the control solution for your convenience.

Customer Reviews

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D. (Santa Clara, US)
Quick, Clean, and Painless!

I've tried various lancets over the years, but these Glucoracy Safety Lancets are a game-changer. The fact that they're disposable and don't need a lancing device is so convenient. They're incredibly sanitary, and I love that I don't have to worry about cross-contamination. The best part? Virtually pain-free. Highly recommend!

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