How-to videos

If you are a novice, or you have questions about the scientific testing process, please refer to the following video :

3D Display of G-452-2 Kit

Explore the Products Included in the Kit and Ensure You Have Everything You Need.

How to test

Step by step to make your first test easier

How to set up the lancet

Lancet setting up simpily.

Detail videos

Below is the video content on the specific details of test strips, lancets, accuracy, machine setup, QA, etc.

Setting time and date, deleting the memory

Learn to set device time and date accurately, and clear records to maintain privacy and free up storage.

Setting CTL Mode

In CTL mode, test results are not retained, in contrast to conventional tests.

Recalling the stored test results

Learn how to access and review previously stored test results and data records.

Tear Off The Protective Film

Removing Film to Reveal Scratch-Free Products.

Used Test Strip Error

Error Message Indicates Faulty Test Strip, Replace the Strip.

How to use Disposable Safety Lancet

A Safer and More Hygienic Way to Draw Blood.