"We tried to find an easy and reliable glucometer, but to no avail. So, we decided to make it by ourselves!"

You Must Be Wondering Who We Are
It all started when we found that it's trouble to frequently visit to the hospital, or the accuracy and convenience of blood glucose test results can not be guaranteed while self-testing. People with diabetes are already suffering, but knowing the blood glucose status before body is more important. How to make blood sugar test easier and more reassuring? To solve this problem, we decided to take matters into our own hands and developed our blood glucose monitor system. 

"At Glucoracy, we are on a mission to offer quality glucometer and service for people with diabetes or other blood glucose testing needs. Make body monitoring more accessible, make life healthier. 

We are on a vision to provide professional glucose meter and refill test kit, which are accurate, fast, and safe. This means that we must be dedicated to blood sugar test research, and put effort into every important aspect like manufacturing, quality control and customer service.






"We need to know if our products really solve the problem. So, customer opinion matters!"

You Can Feel Our Heart, Because We Keep Listening
We want our efforts to be worthwhile, and being worthwhile means actually helping people in need - you. We want to get a definite yes, so we establish close communication with you and also real-time customer service: To answer any questions you may have, to hear what you think about the product, and even to give advises for your healthy life. Talk, collect, and think, you help us to keep on improving the products and services we offer. If you let us hear your voice, we will do it, and and we will do it best for your 100% satisfaction.

"We need a quality partner to create quality product. No doubt about that."

We Work with Another Great Team to Realize What We Want
 We compare and communicate a lot and are not afraid to spend time finding the most appropriate and solid partner. Finally, we decide to cooperate with a supplier that specializes in blood glucose and chronic disease management for a long time. They are on the same page as us when it comes to quality (create first-class products) , team spirit (create first-class employees) and responsibility (dedicate first-class service).
 We visit them regularly to observe and communicate in depth. We're not afraid to share messages with you, because we have absolute confidence in the quality of our cooperative team.

"We know from our communication that you are most concerned about product quality, then we try to do it!"

We are Inspired from You, and Work Hard on Our Products
Our team values what you concern and puts product quality control first. To make the product quality stand the test of time, we put it into practice to achieve two goals:
1. The products have to be accurate - Fully automatic mechanized production: Make manufacture standardized and compliant, also pass ISO and FDA certifications. Strict quality control standard: Control error rate, infinitely close to perfect.
2. The products have to stand the trial - Work with a lab to test the test strips, which tells us how they are reliable to offer you precise data reference.

Glucoracy® is Waiting for You, Always!
Glucoracy is always here to offer you diabetes helps or tips, to solve your confusion and anxiety. We'd love to get to know you and your concerns. Are you ready to chat with us?

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