100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2
100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2
100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2
100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2
100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2
100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2
100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2
100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2

100 Test Strips & Lancets Kit For Glucoracy G-425-2

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There are many reasons to choose the Glucoracy. Besides the high-quality of our products, sometimes cheaper alternatives can lead to external issues. We offer you the following advantages:

👨‍⚕️ Developed in collaboration with diabetes experts
🇺🇸 A local brand based in the US & CN
📦 Returns and warehouse address within the US & CN
✅ All products come with an extended 12-month warranty

Our Glucoracy blood glucose monitor is more than just a product - it represents the close collaboration between our team and diabetes experts. With over 30 years of professional experience, their extensive knowledge is incorporated into the development of our blood glucose monitor.

We have absolute confidence in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty on all our products, extendable to a lifetime warranty for VIP users.

✅ 3-Year Warranty
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If your product develops any defects within this period, simply send the item back to us. We will then inspect your return, and if it's covered by the warranty, we will send you a new product free of charge.

Blood Glucose Test Strips + Lancets Kit
100 Counts Blood Glucose Test Strips

100 Counts Quality & Trustful Blood Glucose Test Strips

• No Coding: Insert and auto coding, decrease error due to miscoding or misoperation

• Safe to Use: Ensure fast 5 seconds and high accuracy results after each test

• Cost Effective: Allows you to do more tests while saving money

• Package: 50 counts per vial, 2 vials in total

100 Counts 30G Twist Cap Lancets

100 Counts 30G Twist Cap Lancets

• Painless: 0.3mm ultra-thin needle, smaller wound and more comfortable testing

• Sterilized: Quality steel & plastic material. Easy to re-cap for clean disposal

• Long-lasting: Up to 5 years long shelf life

• Package: 100 counts per box, 1 box in total

Install the Test Strips and Apply Blood Sample in Easy 5 Steps

Test and Control

Accuracy Matters

With extensive testing involving 300 venous blood tests per glucose level, our device achieves 98.6% of readings within a ±15% error margin, meeting FDA's accuracy standards.

Crafted with Expert Health CareInsight

Crafted with an emphasis on precision and user-friendliness, reflecting insights from health care professionals. Our commitment is to deliver quality that supports your health monitoring efforts, informed by extensive experience in health technology.


Health is our priority—fueling our dedication to providing reliable and affordable glucose monitoring. Glucoracy: A commitment to accessible health management.

6 Simple Steps To Use

Wash your hands

Load lancing device

Insert strip into meter

Collect blood sample

Blood auto absorbs in

Check results in 5s


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If your device indicates 'ketone', this is an alert that your blood glucose readings may be higher than the typical testing range. It's also a prompt to check for ketones. Please consult with a healthcare provider for personalized medical advice and to understand the implications of your readings. Remember, this device is for monitoring purposes only and not intended for diagnosis or treatment decisions.

  1. Keep the test strips somewhere cool and dry (39.2℉ to 86℉ / 4℃ to 30℃) and keep the relative humidity ≤80%.
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do NOT store the test strips in the fridge.
  3. Store the test strips in the original vial ONLY. Do NOT transfer them to a new vial or any other containers.
  4. Keep the surface of the test strip free from moisture or other dirt, such as touching the top absorbent hole or the contact bar of the test strip.
  5. Close the vial lid immediately after taking out the test strips. It is highly recommended to use the test strips within 3 minutes after removing them.
  6. Do NOT test the blood sugar during or soon after the xylose absorption test, or may get falsely elevated results.
  7. Please pay attention to the expiration date on the vial (about 3 months / 90 days shelf life after opening the vial lid).

To set up the monitor, there are two options:
1.Please refer to the detailed video tutorials available at https://glucoracy.com/pages/how-to-videos for step-by-step instructions.
2.You can also find our user manuals and step-by-step guides at https://glucoracy.com/pages/manuals-and-guides.

Currently, our machine defaults to using FDA standards, displaying data in mg/dL. However, you can easily convert mmol/L to mg/dL using the formula: mg/dL = 18 × mmol/L. Alternatively, you can visit our webpage at https://glucoracy.com/pages/measurement-unit-frequency-helpfor more detailed information regarding measurement units.

Yes, a control solution can be purchased separately for the Glucoracy G-425-2. It's available at our online store; you can order it using this link: [Glucoracy Control Solution]. Additionally, our kit packages offer options that include the control solution for your convenience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great for helping test blood sugar levels

I got these for my diabetic husband and he likes the kit. It was great that these come with 100 lancets and 100 test strips so they will keep him in supply for a while. The kit is easy for him to use and he says they are comparable to the ones that he already has. (meter not included but this is a good refill kit)

Stephvon Barnes (Rockville, US)

Good awesome prdock

Tracey Felice (Helper, US)
100 test strips kit for G-425-2

Love being able to have a monthly subscription it is so convenient never run out...

Una Taylor (Cleveland, US)
Wrong order

Did not receive what I ordered but was allowed to keep what I received for the price that I paid.

Marsha Palmer (Kalispell, US)

Works very well

Rebecca Cameron (Karnes City, US)
Too Late

I did not receive the order until Monday, November 13 and haven't opened the package as I had to buy another tester and strips due to your shipment not arriving on time. I want to cancel my subscription. Do not send any subsequent orders. I scheduled delivery every 2 months. CANCEL!

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