Sharps and sharps container disposal

Sharps and sharps container disposal

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Learn how to safely dispose of sharps and sharps containers to keep yourself and others safe.

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  1. Sharps and sharps container disposal
  2. How Glucoracy supports sharps disposal safety

Sharps and sharps container disposal

Improper disposal of lancets, insulin syringes, infusion set cannuals and other medical sharps can cause needlestick injuries, especially for garbage collectors. Please throw your used sharps away safely.

Keep in mind that anything sharp should not be simply thrown in your household trash. Depending upon your state, the requirements may vary. Some ask that you place sharps in a rigid container, such as a laundry bottle, then duct tape it closed and clearly write "do not recycle" on the outside.1 Other areas recommend collection or mail-back programs for these items. Visit the Safe Needle Disposal program site to find a location near you.

How Glucoracy supports sharps disposal safety

As a manufacturer, Glucoracy has a responsibility—in concert with doctors, pharmacists, municipalities and customers—to help facilitate the proper handling and disposal of sharps. In addition to the resources provided above, our commitment to preventing needlestick injuries includes the development and manufacture of the only drum-based lancing device. The Glucoracy® G-425-2 lancing devices uses lancets which support safe disposal.

As we develop new products and as new guidelines are established, Glucoracy will continue to develop ways to support safety through the proper disposal of sharps.


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